Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Overage at Publix

Pull out your $2 off Shick razors Qs from the 8/23 Smart Source and head to Publix. They have the 2 pack trial size Shick razors for 99 cents. Every package you buy will give you $1.01 overage to spend on other groceries. I used mine last night to pay for my Back to Nature nuts.

In the clearance bin at my Publix, I found several bottles of Sundown vitamins for $1.50. I used the $6 off 2 Sundown vitamins store coupon that can be found in the latest green savings Publix flyer that expires in late September. This purchase gave me $3 in overage. If you can't find Sundown in your clearance bin, head to the vitamin aisle and pick up 2 of the least expensive bottles of Sundown vitamins. This deal gets even better if you have any manufacturer coupons for Sundown. I didn't have my binder with me so I could only use the Publix Q.

Happy Shopping!

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